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At NextAge Media, we believe in exploring new insights. In busting myths. In interactions that deliver what your business wants.

What We Do

Welcome to NextAge Media.

Helping your business discern your Consumer / Target Segment.

At NextAge Media, we believe in exploring new insights. In busting myths. In interactions that deliver what your business wants. In short, we believe in aligning your brand communications and interactions with your Consumer / Target Segment.

Our Aims

It’s a changing world.

A world that’s changing fast.

And we need to change with it.

Technology has virtually outmoded traditional media planning. It’s no longer about selling what your customers want. It’s about keeping track of what they want today to find out what they will want tomorrow.

That requires exploring their habits. Identifying what they desire. Figuring out how exactly they want those desires fulfilled.

Which is why we do.

  • Keep track of key customer touchpoints and insights.
  • Provide customised Media communication Plans and implement the same.
  • Set Key Performance Indicators.
  • Provide continuous updates on the marketplace.

What We Offer


Customised and syndicated research.


Partnering up with some of the best organisations in the field in Sri Lanka.

Media Consultation

Determining what communication avenues can best boost your brand.

Media Planning and Buying

Reserving media slots to ensure that you hit your target audience.

The NextAge Connection

Who are we?

We are not a traditional media company hindered by outdated, overhyped procedures and structures. We believe in busting the myths that run riot in the world of communication. Consequently, we’re your best bet for clear, concise and comprehensive media analysis, breakdowns and consultations.

Our relationships with our clients go beyond supplier-buyer partnerships. With experienced resources and personnel as your contact points, we strive to provide you with insights that matter to your business, quickly, efficiently, to the dot and with complete, unconditional confidentiality guaranteed.

Why do we matter?

Keeping up with social and cultural patterns is no longer an option for your business. In a world where everything counts, everything that changes counts.

And it’s not only about keeping track of your consumer insights. It’s about identifying how those insights can impact your business. How today’s insights can help your business improve even more tomorrow.

Recent shifts in millennial behaviour, television interactions and print media interactions suggest that comprehensive media campaigns require value for every rupee spent. We value that rupee as highly as you do.

With an average media buying power of Rs. 600 million per annum, we at NextAge strive to deliver you campaigns that drive your business. With customer analytics that tell you what your business wants. And needs.